eavestrough with gutter guard installed

Maintaining a home is a great responsibility. You take care of your home but deep down, you ignore so much, especially the things which are out of your sight – your eavestroughs, for instance!

Benefits of eavestrough cleaning

view of gutters from below after being cleanedMost of the time, you neglect to clean your eavestroughs and realize it only when things totally get out of control. If you can relate to this it is probably a good time to call a pro eavestrough cleaning company to take care of your troubles. Ignoring the maintenance of your gutters can cause you a lot of trouble because they play an important role in shielding your property against rainwater and ultimate winters.

It doesn’t take the ignored eavestroughs much time to get filled with foliage, roof-debris, dirt, and twigs which can make them clogged. Clogged gutters are more devastating than you can ever imagine! From flooding your basements to reducing the structural strength of your walls, clogged gutters can harm your property in more than one ways!

On the other hand, clean gutters not only last longer but can also increase the lifespan of your property. In addition to this, they also provide several other benefits which are discussed below.

  1. Safeguards your home

If you do not pay heed to eavestrough cleaning, it can one day cause a disaster to your home. Water accumulation caused by the clogged gutters can have monstrous effects on your roof, ceiling, walls, and foundations. The runoff water seeps into your roof from where it makes its way into other parts of your structure.

The structural durability of your walls and foundation considerably reduces after moisture starts accumulating in them. The water seepage from the undersides of your eavestroughs also damages your fascia and patio. The only way to safeguard your home from all these risks is to get your gutters properly washed from a professional eavestrough cleaning service.

  1. Protects against germs

Once you let the water to enter the roof, walls, foundation or basement of your home, it stays there for a very long time. Stagnant water can be the most favorable habitat for many harmful organisms as well as insects and mildew. Mold and mildew which grows in damped conditions have severely adverse effects on health. They can cause breathing diseases, asthma, and other allergic problems in your family.

If that seems scary to hear about, you must consider getting your gutters cleaned from a professional cleaning service at least twice a year!

  1. Prevents basement flooding

If you don’t take any notice of you eavestroughs for years, the runoff water from the clogged drains keeps depositing into your property. The water which first gets soaked into the walls ultimately gets into your basement where it keeps on accumulating causing basement flooding.

If not only reduces the structural strength of your basement but also damages the furniture as well as other items placed in it. Furthermore, if your basement fails, the expensive repairs can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

That’s why eavestrough cleaning is more important than you think!

  1. Saves your landscaping

The spilled water from clogged eavestroughs can cause soil erosion in your beautiful landscaping. If you don’t pay attention to your clogged gutters for a long time, the continuous seepage of water can destroy sensitive plants and sweep away your cherished flowers.

So, the beautiful landscaping that cost you thousands of dollars gets devastated in a matter of months!

  1. Enhances lifespan of gutters

Clean gutters last longer due to two important reasons. The first reason is that regular cleaning of your eavestroughs removes all dirt, debris, mold and other pollutants which can otherwise cause corrosion of gutters.

The second reason is that by cleaning your gutters, you remove the unnecessary weight of leaves, twigs, and debris that had accumulated on them over the months. If these materials aren’t removed from the clogged gutters for a long time, your gutters can sag and can even fall on the ground after getting detached from the roof!

cleaning the underside of gutters

A worker cleans the bottom-side of the gutters.

Why hire professionals?

Eavestrough cleaning isn’t an easy task so it’s better to hire a professional for this job rather than doing it by yourself. Professionals are experienced in not just cleaning your eavestroughs and downspouts but they are also expert in safely killing all germs and mildew by destroying their habitat. They do it extremely well and leave no damp and moisture behind.

Foliage, moss, and dirt when mixed with water, gets heavy and removing them cannot be an easy job for an unskilled person. That’s why leaving this work to professionals is a wise decision. Professionals have proper training on how to handle this dirty stuff and tackle any problem which may arise during the cleaning process. They are fully-equipped with the latest equipment for cleaning your gutters and removing moisture from your walls, basement and other damaged parts of your home.

Moreover, there’s always a huge risk of injury in climbing high ladders. Even a small mistake on your part can land you in serious trouble. That’s why it is always better to hire professionals for this job!